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Earlier this week, LSU head coach Les Miles mentioned on the Paul Finebaum show that he wants running back Leonard Fournette to lose a few pounds before practice starts up.

Fournette took notice of his coach's comments and recently tweeted that he has already lost the weight. The tweet has since been deleted but said:

I lost that weight for you big man @LSUCoachMiles

— 7 (@_fournette) May 13, 2016
There is no doubt that Fournette will be in tip-top condition for the season.
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eddieray95 months
Until the Internet, I would have never guessed that half the population couldn't spell the word "lose".
user avatar
TT995 months
He lose 31 pounds?
user avatar
LSU Patrick95 months
This guy will excel in life.
user avatar
Corch Urban Myers95 months
He's already excelling in life. I predict that he will become an all-time top 5 NFL RB. Yds, TDs, you name it. This kid sounds and acts like he has his head screwed on right.
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Sweet daddy95 months
Les looks like he needs to loose a few pounds in the off season .
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burke98595 months
user avatar
ClientNumber995 months
And you need to hit an English book this off-season.
user avatar
CarterWilson71795 months
His perspective on life should be bottled up and sold. I wish I could meet his parents and take some notes on how to keep my kids this humble and grounded.
user avatar
Klark Kent95 months
Great kid
user avatar
Doug Masters95 months
Love it
user avatar
skullopener95 months
G G G....German!!!
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