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Former NFL head coach and current Monday Night Football commentator Jon Gruden appeared on ESPN's Mike & Mike Wednesday morning and said that Odell Beckham Jr. should be benched. Per TheBigLead:

“He’s not playing great football. He’s got no touchdowns. Zero.


He quit on a route that the ball was intercepted on. I don’t want to see anymore one-handed catches, honestly. He’s not playing up to his standards. You know, how much are you gonna tolerate? I think that’s the question that Ben McAdoo, the coach of the Giants is faced with.


Like I said, he’s dropping passes. I’ve taken guys out of the game for that. I think that’s what needs to be done. Sit him down for awhile. I know he’s a great player. But I’ve taken guys down for dropping passes, lining up wrong, missing an audible, blowing an assignment, committing penalties, not being reliable.
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JumpingTheShark91 months
ODB does need to calm the frick down but benching him is a fricking stupid idea. Jon Gruden also acts like there are 25 hall of famers playing in every Monday night game. He speaks in hyperbole virtually all the time.
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Winston Cup91 months
Eli manning was scared to pass the whole game. Nervous in the pocket. Don't understand why everyone is piling on Odell.
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Mulerider91 months
Easy to pile on him. He throws a tantrum like a kindergartener every game now.
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jptiger200991 months
well, that's the last time I mention his name as the next LSU coach!
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CaptainPanic91 months
Gruden doesn't like divas. ODB needs to get his shite together.
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tigerfan580391 months
He is currently ranked #16 in receiving yards for the league. yea, bench his arse lol
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Its the stupid penalties, slacking on routes, and being a dumbass on the sideline.
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TigerSpray91 months
Sounds like Jon's in a NY State of Mind.
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