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Vice chancellor and athletic director Joe Alleva joined LSU's pregame radio show on Saturday and discussed the idea of a beer garden coming to Tiger Stadium sometime in the future. Per The Advocate:

For now, alcohol sales are only allowed in premium seating areas, including suites and club levels, according to SEC rule. Alleva has lobbied for stadium-wide beer sales, something many project to happen in the coming years.

“We’ve got some concepts on the board to develop food courts and, maybe, even a beer garden down the road,” Alleva said. “Those kinds of things are on the horizon and will make the experience in Tiger Stadium better for everybody.”
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WackyChris93 months
because, that's what we need... smh
user avatar
CoolHand93 months
Whatever it takes to get through a game.
user avatar
DoubleDown93 months
They'll have to change the SEC rule to allow it at all venues first. Gonna have to change the hearts and minds of the bible belt from Miss., Alabama, UGA first. It's definitely about time as other conferences sell beer but it's an uphill battle.
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Ignignot93 months
Alleva stated clearly a year or so ago, that it's no written rule in the SEC, as he stated its a "gentlemen's agreement" not to sale alcohol. So basically they're waiting for one school to step out and do it.
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Sweet daddy93 months
Craft brews that makes you pee on yourself by half time . The fans desire Bud Light , Ole Milwaukee , and Coors Light . The price $10.00 for a 6 oz cup no thinks I'm still bringing my own .
user avatar
Errerrerrwere93 months
Craft beer actually makes you piss less because you don't have to drink 12 of them
user avatar
mwade9138393 months
I don't think you know what a craft beer is.
user avatar
tke85793 months
this dude doing anything he can to hold onto his job
user avatar
Old Money93 months
In for a beer garden
user avatar
DupontsCircle93 months
Beer Garden- a bunch of craft brews that probably 90% of tiger fans never heard of at extraordinary prices. This will not be Bud Light, folks. Sorry to disappoint.
user avatar
rintintin93 months
It's about damn time
user avatar
LSU1SLU93 months
what exactly is a beer garden
user avatar
tibebecolston93 months
A garden with beer flowers
user avatar
TaderSalad93 months
Yay. $9 bud lights...
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