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LSU head coach Ed Orgeron was asked Monday at SEC Media Days if Florida's decision to schedule the Tigers as their 2017 Homecoming opponent has anything to do with the bad blood with the Hurricane Matthew game and if he takes any exception to that.

Coach O didn't play into the hype, saying the Tigers will be ready regardless what game it is.

"Here's what I can to tell you, people are going to do what they are going to do," Orgeron said.

"And Florida is a great rivalry for us. We respect them. Anytime we go into the swamp, it's going to be a battle. We need to prepare. I have a lot of respect for Coach McElwain and the job that they do."

"We are going to be ready to play regardless of what it is. We have an upcoming opponent that week that is very tough, and I'm going to get our team ready to play."
LSU and Florida will play each other on Saturday, Oct. 7 in Gainesville.
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Drizzt81 months
McElwain doesn't know that CEO is that shark's first cousin. Payback time.
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cwill81 months
I wish LSU's homecoming was against a good opponent as opposed to the rent-a-wins.
user avatar
alumni9581 months
user avatar
Lsu10120581 months
Your fans are known for wearing Jorts, your coach has a fetish for sharks and has obscenely yellow teeth, and you have to live in Gainesville. You guys do whatever you need to do to get all riled up, its rough being a Florida Gator.
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eugene1928LSU81 months
Mcelwain, is becoming a coach I can't stand, his butter teeth after the game last year showed his lack of class. That defeat almost hurt as much as the one from the gumps.
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1981 months
user avatar
MountainCat81 months
I haven't really HATED Florida much since the Tim Tebow days, but last year brought that hate back. frick FLORIDA
user avatar
Good answer.
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Mike da Tigah81 months
There's a very good reason people don't like the Gators. This is just one example. They are arrogant as hell.
user avatar
HubbaBubba81 months
Why didn't he just say, "Those teenie-weenies got the panties in their jorts all in a wad last year. I guess they never got them untangled."
user avatar
Barbellthor81 months
Because Orgeron is the coach, not that we deserve, but the coach we need, even if everyone won't admit it. Classy and professional answer.
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