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During the College Football Playoff Rankings reveal on Tuesday, ESPN's Heather Dinich explained how LSU could 'chaos' if they were to run the table and beat Georgia in the SEC Championship. Per On3:

“LSU at No. 7 is the key to chaos in the College Football Playoff,” Dinich said. “If they run the table and they win the SEC, I think the committee makes them the first two-loss team to make it into the College Football Playoff. If they were to beat Georgia and Alabama, I don’t think there’s any doubt.”

“But then, what do they do with Georgia?” Dinich asked. “What do they do with Tennessee? If there’s chaos in those other Power 5 conferences, that’s the only way that the committee is realistically looking at those three teams.”
Whats your prediction on what's going to happen with the Tigers down this final stretch of the season?
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ShadowTigerTX16 months
Can we just stop for a moment and recognize how f'ing amazing this conversation even IS considering where we were at the beginning of the season, both when we hired Kelly and after the FSU game?

Kelly (and the staff) deserves way more than coach of the year for this, even if we lose to Georga in the SECC. And also the team deserves respect for fighting through and coming together as they have.
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sportjunkie6916 months
It's critical that LSU does not look weak the rest of the season, such as eeking out a win at arky or atm. They must dominate to present to the committee that they are not the same team that played FSU and definitely not the same team that played Tennessee.

The keys are Harold Perkins and Jayden Daniels. They each need to carry their respective units on their backs the next 3 games and into the SEC Championship.
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gpttigers16 months
Rat Poison. Arkansas is the only game that matters right now.
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Tigers4Lyfe16 months
Not as a fan.
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WhiskeyPlease16 months
I don't think TCU is going to lose to Texas and it's get real interesting
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Solo Cam16 months
Us against the world
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cajunmud16 months
1st things 1st...
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UGATiger2616 months
I used to be against expanding the playoff, but this is a prime example of why it would be necessary. In that scenario, LSU is in an automatic qualifier since they won the SEC. UGA and UT get at-large bids.
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foj198116 months
Let’s not worry about this until December 4. Lot of work left to do
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LSU_Legz16 months
win and you're in. #dontneednocommittee
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