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Grand Valley State defensive tackle transfer Jay'viar Suggs visited LSU on Sunday and shared pictures from his trip on Twitter.

In his tweet, Suggs thanked all of the LSU coaches he met with but made it clear he's not committed yet:

"I want to thank all the coaches at LSU for the great visit! Not committed"
The 6-3, 282-pound sophomore from Flint, Mich., recently included the Tigers, along with Michigan, Kentucky, and Wisconsin, in his top four schools list.

Over the past two seasons, Suggs has registered 42 tackles, 14.5 tackles for a loss, 8.0 sacks, two forced fumbles, and nine passes defended.

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emanresu1 month
"Not committed" = telling everyone to keep your thank you tweet. Immature.
user avatar
Poboytom1 month
He's playing the game but we can play too frick him. Never heard a recruit say that. frickem
user avatar
Not committed lol
user avatar
tigerfoot1 month
Screw him

Go back to GVSU and wearing last years cleats.
user avatar
gizmothepug1 month
Not Committed. LOL
College football is dead compared to what it once was. Nothing against this young man but the fact that teams are basically having bidding wars for players every offseason just takes something away from what college sports in general used to be.
user avatar
cajunmud1 month
I bet there's high school coaches out lurking halls, malls and beaches looking for any big kids. "You wanna get rich? Come out for the team."
user avatar
PurpleEcho1 month
LSU should remove the offer, frick this clown! And to allnof you that wanna say awe hes just a kid, or its a business. Your right it is a business, ao give him a business response! Go find some big boys that have the size and arent developed. Get some kids that wanna work to plug some holes and PAY them what your willing to pay these whores. Many of you on here know the sucess this style of managment has!
user avatar
gizmothepug1 month
It wasn’t that long ago that clear evidence of paying players would have resulted in a shite show. I’m not saying it didn’t happen because we all know it did. However, this free agency/highest bidder of college football goes against what college sports in general used to be not that long ago.
user avatar
LSUsince741 month
"Going once, going twice?"
user avatar
TheWalrus1 month
He’s going to squeeze out that extra bit of NIL money
user avatar
pitchandcatch271 month
And the beat goes on...
user avatar
CanebreakCajun1 month
It's only. We won't commit to you either.
user avatar
PureBlood1 month
man, frick this little dramatic whore. We dont need him.
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