Former LSU star and current Arizona Cardinals defensive back Tyrann Mathieu recently filmed a commercial for PETA about the discomfort and danger that pets often endure when left alone in a hot car. Per The Advocate:

Mathieu reports that the temperature was 90 degrees outside the car. After a few minutes in the vehicle, Mathieu starts to visibly sweat and rub his eyes. After eight minutes, with the temperature inside the car at 120 degrees, he exits the vehicle, hunches over and immediately drinks water.

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hg108 months
Someone left their Honey Badger in the car.
user avatar
Hugo Stiglitz108 months
I love TM7.
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TJGator1215108 months
I don't have an issue with PETA's philosophy, just their tactics.
user avatar
StrangeBrew108 months
A different kind of baked.
user avatar
25LSU25108 months
Where is the video on leaving a baby in the car?
user avatar
Ironhead985108 months
I thought he didn't care..
user avatar
JumpingTheShark108 months
Don't get me wrong, this is a great PSA for proper treatment of animals, but how about protecting human children as well?
user avatar
gizmoflak108 months
8 minutes? what a wimp
user avatar
rattlebucket108 months
I am disaapoint TM7. PETA???
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