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ESPN’s Mike Greenberg of "Mike & Mike" said that Ohio State running back Ezekiel Elliott is a better than LSU's Leonard Fournette and Georgia's Nick Chubb.

Through five games this season, Elliot has 729 yards on 100 carries with eight touchdowns and Chubb has 745 yards on 91 carries with 7 touchdowns.

Through four games this season, Fournette has rushed for 864 yards on 99 carries and 11 touchdowns.
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tidalmouse105 months
Mike or Mike(Golic) on their show,are seldom if ever right.Definitely not this time.
LF7 has 1 fewer Game than Elliot and Chubb.More yards.More TDs.
Remember what the other RBs have now and compare LF7's totals after 1 more Game.He'll have 1,000 yards. after 5 Games,most likely.
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Geaux Tahel105 months
Well SEV09, in this case, for every opinion there's is thousands of opposite opinions. EE is not even in the same conversation as LF, for those with a brain.
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LSUvet72105 months
Stats prove Mike's opinion very wrong and that Tigers' #7 is the best. Its like comparing Trump to Bernie Sanders in ratings. Anyway the biggest buck-eye doesn't stand a chance against a Tiger but maybe they will see one another in the Championship game and argument will be settled.
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Born in BR105 months
They are all great running backs but LF7 sure appears to be a more complete back in terms of power, speed, agility, and vision. He will be terrifying good next year. Also Fournette is playing against a defense stacked to stop the run and is still amassing these numbers.
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Sev09105 months
For every opinion, there is an equal and opposite opinion.
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nofear67105 months
geaux88 I really have genuine pity for you. Your life must really really suck.
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PortCityTiger24105 months
One is the product of the system. The other is the system.
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gameovergt105 months
both are great college running backs.
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TigerNSac105 months
He is an attention wh@re as a Northwestern grad, which confirms him also being a Big 10 homer. Some people get on tv and make themselves not relevant to the sports world and he is one person that you tend to say: Who?
Who? Who? One more time who?

Oh, I do not know him.

Geaux Tigers!
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cphill105 months
If Greenberg were a competent evaluator of talent, some NFL team would have hired him by now.......Note: no one has......the ESPN "experts" aren't any more "expert" than I am.....
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jimbeaux82105 months
Better to keep your mouth shut and have people think you are an idiot than open your mouth and take all doubt away.
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earl keese105 months
geaux88, Greenburg showed how ignorant he is with his comments about who he thinks is the better college running back. You have done the same for yourself with all the political BS.
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DrSteveBrule105 months
Please don't announce to the world that Mike Greenberg murdered five hookers in a Milwaukee Hotel.

There is no absolute proof that Mike Greenberg murdered five hookers in a Milwaukee hotel.

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Lsuchs105 months

-More carries. Check
-Less yards Check
-Less TDs Check
-better RB. Sure...
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SamuelClemens105 months
What is a Mike Greenburg?
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TampaTiger22105 months
Greenberg is a moron. He is as soft as a marshmallow
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TriumphTiger105 months
These guys are NFL guys. Finebaum is a better source of college football information.
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peccow206105 months
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WILDTURKEYisgood105 months
The stats are hard to argue...
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Trojans56105 months
Who's this Mike guy?
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