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In case you didn't already hear, ESPN's College Gameday is coming to Baton Rouge for the LSU-Alabama game on Saturday night.

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This is the sixth time in the last six seasons that Gameday has been at the LSU-Alabama game.

ESPN has not yet made an announcement on a guest picker.
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user avatar
Mrs. Amaro88 months
It's the Rock
user avatar
Farmtiger88 months
Bregs! book it
user avatar
Deltatiger88 months
Serious people still get excited about gameday coming? I understand the symbolism of it being at the biggest game on that saturday, but once you've had it a few times, it's kinda meh.
user avatar
TigerSpray88 months
Tim McGraw?
user avatar
comalking88 months
Just keep David Pollack away please.
user avatar
ephidelt54188 months
Ryan Theriot
user avatar
whodatbd88 months
Adam Sandler as Bobby Boucher
user avatar
VesperiaLSU88 months
The Honey Badger!!
user avatar
SmackDaniels88 months
Please Shaq
user avatar
Pepe Lepew88 months
Guest picker? Les .....
user avatar
Nix to Twillie88 months
Too soon.
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