This week on the SEC Coaches Teleconfernce, head coach Ed Orgeron was asked about team drug testing and what the program does to educate atheletes about what they put in their bodies.

Here's what he had to say:

"We talk about it," Orgeron said.

"Shelly (Mullenix) runs our department on that. We talk about it a bunch. We have educational seminars. When and if they are drug tested, we put them in conseuling. I think we have a tremendous program of consueling young men about what to do and not to do.

And obviously there are penalties, you face certain consequences after several drug test. Thats in place here."

"We are into rehab. I, myslef, have drove several kids to rehab. We want the best for the kids but they have some rules they have to follow."
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Oh yeah, Divinity didnt play today. Huge
Reply3 days
Best thing about the comments here is this post is steal broken
Reply4 days
The comments have me laughing so hard, I'm almost crying. I might need some cownsooling, myself, after this.
Reply5 days
Reply5 days
That's freaking ridiculous that you can't spell words correctly on a computer. My god
Reply5 days
Did the person writing this have a stroke?
Reply5 days
Or they failed their drug test.
5 days
Not shore wat everywon’s problim is.
Reply6 days
Yours appears to be the English language.
6 days
6 days
5 days
I wouldn't care about this so much if it wasn't so clear that Saban and Alabama simply do not care at all about testing positive for weed if you're an important player. The high ground is great and all, but beating Alamama more than once every 10 years is pretty cool too.
Reply6 days
Since what he wrote is in quotes, he may be putting into words what he thought coach Eaux said. Just writing it the way he heard it. Can't be from south Louisiana or he would know the language.
Reply6 days
That’s an impressive feat to misspell counseling two different ways in one article quote.
Reply6 days
And myslef
6 days
If only computers had a function that could identify misspelled words and make suggestions to correct them.
6 days
No pride in their work whatsoever. LSU's largest website and they put stuff like this up. Amateur hour, or should I say "amature our".
6 days
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