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Head coach Ed Orgeron spoke to the media on Monday and said that quarterback Myles Brennan will practice at 25-percent today and they will monitor his progress throughout the week as he returns from a lower-body injury.

Orgeron added that Brennan is still LSU's No. 1 quarterback but they will not start him until he is 100-percent healthy.

Brennan was replaced by freshman TJ Finley vs. South Carolina who played exceptionally well in his debut on Saturday. Here's everything that Orgeron had to say about Brennan and Finley:

Q. We hear there's a chance that Myles might return this week. Can you update us on that? One other thing. Do you think it was necessary to make a renewed commitment to the running game based on what you did last week?

ED ORGERON: Night and day. Night and day difference. We have to run the football, especially on first down. I thought our offensive line had their best game. That helped pave the way for TJ's success. We couldn't put it all on his shoulders. Myles is going to practice a little bit today. Jack is going to get him accelerated throughout the week. We're going to see. I don't know yet if he's going to play. He may play. It all depends how practice goes this week. We're only going to do about 25% with him today, see what he can do, feel it. Probably going to be sore. If he can't play, obviously TJ has done a great job for us. Max is going to do a great job. I'm not putting him in unless he's 100% ready.

Q. Is Finley kind of there for this week if Myles can't go? Secondly, third downs, seems like you guys made those adjustments. What kind of did you see that helped you guys fix that the most?

ED ORGERON: They played a lot of man coverage for us. Coach Linehan had a great plan. I thought TJ did a tremendous job of delivering the football on time. I told y'all he has a cannon for an arm. I was so pleased with TJ's poise. He looked like a veteran out there. I think that's what made the difference in the football game. We're going to go ahead and practice Myles today, see what he can do. Him and TJ are going to share reps, and Max. We're going to make a decision on a daily basis who runs the team. Depends on Myles' health. If Myles is healthy, he's our first team quarterback, but I'm not putting him in unless he's 100%.

Q. Along the lines of the offensive front. 54 rushes this past week. Is that something that if TJ has to go again this week, that's something you want to use to relax him there, open up the run game?

ED ORGERON: Yeah. Most of those runs were RPO. The good thing about TJ, he's 6'6". He sees it really easy, man. He can see that slant behind him. It's all built in.

If they give us a box where we can run the football, we want to run the football. We have to. Going into the season, I thought the backs were going to be the strength of our offense.

Q. You rattled off a lot of positives you saw from TJ after the game Saturday. When you looked at film Sunday, you saw the effort he gave on the interception, helped get that guy down, that maybe saved a touchdown. I don't know if it's something you can coach that a kid can have that kind of effort after a bad play.

ED ORGERON: Thanks for mentioning that. He has some fire in him. He was fired up. He was on the sideline, Let's go. Vocal leader. A lot of things that Joe did, to be honest with you. He showed some toughness. I have to work on his tackling a little bit. Kind of a shoulder tackle. I love his effort. TJ came alive, man. It was his night. He'd been confident all week. He's been confident since he came here. Not cocky, but confident. We love that about him.

Q. The knock on LSU for so long was that they couldn't develop quarterbacks. Was it really more a matter of running what they run in high school? You talked about the seven-on-seven. Is that why we're seeing freshmen have success across the country and at LSU?

ED ORGERON: No question. Running a spread offense. That's the way to go. It's here to stay. It's basketball on grass. Put athletes in space, let them make plays, let the quarterback make decisions, make the right reads. The thing that helps TJ is his length. Being 6'6", he sees over all those linemen, he has a cannon for an arm. He lost some weight. He has quick feet. He studies football all the time. He's a football junky.
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user avatar
brewdrees42 months
I'm all in with FIN!!!!
user avatar
Oyster42 months
AU defense will be a real test for TJ. Will be interesting to see how he does.
user avatar
SirWinston42 months
You misspelled Myles
user avatar
WhiskeyPlease42 months
Fin elevated this Team to a higher level. The chemistry was an immediate impact even Ray Charles can see that.
user avatar
Tigerpride1842 months
Cajunboy is being sarcastic. Do tall not know that?
user avatar
P bean42 months
Writing is on the WALLLLLLLLL. I love Myles! But TJ is better.
user avatar
Cajunboy4642 months
Exactly this is a bunch of horseshite. Big nuts all go no quit Tj Finley should be the starter immediately. This kid is the best damn qb in the history of college football. I mean did y’all see how good the defense and special teams played for him. They sure didn’t play that good when Brennan was in there. Finley is a football god we will never lose another game as long as he is our qb.
user avatar
tubucoco42 months
Look, I love the kid Finley too, but I agree with coach in that Brennan hasn't done anything to lose his job. He's thrwon for over 300 yards in every game for 1200 yards I think. that's great production. If not for LSU's poor defense LSU would be unbeaten right now, but I will say this and that is it took Brennan a lil time to settle down. The first couple of games he was real nervous in the pocket, couldn't feel the pass rush, had happy feet, had trouble progressing through his WR's, and couldn't run, so, he was sacked. You wouldn't expect a Sr QB to look like that, but he's now settled in and looks like a QB. Hopefully, it continues because if it doesn't Finley will be in quick, Finley for a true frosh was just the opposite of Brennan, completely in charge. Kid was phenomenal!
user avatar
ChicageauxDave42 months
It's a beautiful feeling for LSU to finally have MULTIPLE reliable/startable QBs!
user avatar
Play_Neck42 months
Hadn't thought about that before your post, but we haven't been able to say that as far as I can remember.
user avatar
nol1wph42 months
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