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LSU coach Ed Orgeron met with the media on Monday for his weekly press conference following the loss to Auburn and made it a point to begin his presser by taking full responsibility for everything that happens with the team.

As the press conference went on, Orgeron kept circling back his opening statement and was eventually asked why it was so important for him to drive that point home.

"Coach, this is the second time you have said it, and as respectfully as I can, why do think it necessary for you to say that you are responsible? What point are you trying to hammer home?"

"I just think it's clear, that when things don't go right, obviously I get asked questions and maybe it sounds like I'm trying to point the finger or something like that, Orgeron explained. "As you know me, that's not me. I'm going to take full responsibility for everything that happens in this program. And that's just the way it's going to be."
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It's not just at this press conference that he keeps circling back to that statement. He circles back to it after ever loss, which is at 7 losses and 7 times saying that in the last two years. I understand that he loves LSU. But does he love LSU enough to do the honorable thing and step down before he drags the school through the mud. If it's all on him and he cannot fix it, then be an honorable man and step away.
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Orgeron was too full of himself and committed to chasing pussy after 2019. Now he has blown his own success out of the Water with his own arrogance and stupidity. He has made poor hires and you are damn right it is your fault Ed.
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Listen, I understand that everyone is gonna hate but please hear this. I was happy Ed O got the chance to coach his dream team. I was obviously overwhelmed by the success of the greatest college team of all time. I don't condone his lack of focus after the 2019 championship. I don't appreciate the total collapse he has overseen. But men, his time is coming to an end. Don't poop on a Cajun saying he's a man and he'll go down with his ship. I've seen too may coaches throw everyone under the bus when the team began to fail. I've seen Tiger Stadium give a standing ovation to former coaches who've achieved much less. Maybe ya'll think he doesn't deserve it but every man deserves respect and his due if they ever contributed to Tiger Nation fame.
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He better not say that in court
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This is the same fricking thing as saying "Dis one's awn mee" after each loss. It means dick if there is never any punishment, reprisals, or improvement. Can this M 'effer go on home, already?
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“I take responsibility for banging your wife” Repeat 10 times See how pointless it is to say that, O?
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We justs gots ta run dat joe brady awwfense.
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five, four, three, two, and one you will be fired on sunday morning now hit the road buddy
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taking responsibility for a mistake means jack shite if you're gonna keep making the mistake
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What the frick else is he going to say
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Unfortunately, time is running out for Coach O. Owning it is one thing, but correcting it is another
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Then he needs to be released of his duties. No point in waiting for 3-4 more losses because they are coming.
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