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LSU coach Ed Orgeron joined 104.5 ESPN's "Off The Bench" Tuesday morning and talked about TJ Finley's decision to transfer out of the program. Here's what he had to say:

"TJ did everything right," Orgeron explained. "He said, 'Coach, I need to have a meeting with you.' It was very heartfelt. It was a very hard decision for him. He felt that it was the best decision for him and his career."

"Obviously, I asked and tried to have him stay. I think the world of TJ. I think he's a great young man and a great quarterback. He felt it was something he needed to do, but he did everything right, he did it first class and we wish him the very best wherever he goes, and wherever he goes someone is going to get a great young man and a great quarterback."
Finley's departure leaves LSU with three scholarship quarterbacks on the roster; Myles Brennan, Max Johnson, and Garrett Nussmeier.
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voodooidotwo34 months
Just a bunch of fluff. What he truly wanted to say was “thank you for opening up a scholarship for someone who will eventually play”.
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tenderfoot tigah34 months
Are you under the impression that LSU will be at the full 85 scholarships this season? We were down 30 scholarships players last season. A full 25 person class does not bring us back to 85.
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mindeejack0334 months
Kids just not a mobile QB until he works on his pocket awareness and mobility he better stay out the SEC west for sure. After Auburn found his weakness it was over from then on they all pressured him and he couldn't make the quick decision or use his legs to make time. Wish him the best
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MrKnowItAll34 months
Sometimes there's just not enouh footballs to go around.
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sjmabry34 months
Hard to see good kids leave. They want to play and I don’t blame them.
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LSUJD_0434 months
Arkansas bound. Book it.
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KCSunshine34 months
Don’t you have to sit out a year if u transfer from one school to another in SEC?
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CaptainJ4734 months
Sounds like a first class attitude.
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TheRouxGuru34 months
I’m glad he didn’t cry fake racism like that Justin Fields bitch... I said what I said
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gman51no34 months
Are you referring to the 1st Round Draft Pick Bitch? Whatever happen with Fields has nothing to do with TJ! Unless it does! More will be revealed!
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brewhan davey34 months
At least he reached out to O and talked to him like a man rather than just going on Twitter.
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dandan34 months
Hope he lights it up unless playing against lsu.
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CDawson34 months
Hope he lights it up when playing LSU.
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He's a talented QB, and seems like a very nice kid. It's unfortunate it didn't work out at LSU in the end. God bless him. Hope he kicks arse wherever he goes.
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Champagne34 months
Has Alabama Head Football Coach Nick Saban weighed in on this issue yet?
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TwoDatBait34 months
Same stupid arse comment from the baseball article... get new content..
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Cycledude34 months
There probably is another school that he might move into the starting position faster. Good luck TJ!
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