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LSU is ranked No. 14 in Preseason Top 25:

1. Ohio State
2. TCU
3. Auburn
4. Oregon
5. Alabama
6. USC
7. Baylor
8. Michigan State
9. Florida State
10. Notre Dame
11. Clemson
12. Georgia Tech
13. UCLA
14. LSU
15. Arkansas
16. Ole Miss
17. Arizona
18. Georgia
19. Arizona State
20. Oklahoma
21. Boise State
22. Tennessee
23. Missouri
24. Stanford
25. Mississippi State
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Wiseman of the East107 months
If I thought/knew we could score I would be pissed about being ranked behind most. But given our pathetic offense despite having mountain of skill and O line this seems about right until execution warrants a higher ranking. I like Auburn ranked high - if we beat them early in the season we move way up. Bama ranked where they shud be unless you factor in their oddly persistent tendency to lose to inferior talent couple of times a year
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Roses of Crimson107 months
Yes, yes. Bama has struggled mightily when breaking in new QB's. lolol

Actually, u should have a bigger issue with Auburn losing 5 games and breaking in a new QB but being ra........ nevermind.
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Pianoman107 months
Only Bama can stay a top 5 team with a brand new untested QB, lololol
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LSUvet72107 months
The team that amazes me is TCU- how and when did they get so good year after year when they used to be a cellar team along with Baylor? If its their coaches then shite lets get them to a real football university!
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Datbayoubengal107 months
I love how Auburn is up so high. Will make it even better when we whoop that over ranked arse at home early in the season.
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schwartzy107 months
I hate seeing notre Dame in the preseason polls, but I guess we didn't help the cause much
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hill durham107 months
I bet the SEC will in up much higher in the end of the year
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Hiphopanonymous107 months
Looks about right.
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blueboxer1119107 months
Only 9 SEC teams? Down year I guess.
user avatar
tigerbait1.6107 months
Arky at 15? This list is pretty bad.
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