LSU is No. 2 in the College Football Playoff rankings that were released on Tuesday night:

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1. Clemson 8-0
2. LSU 7-0
3. Ohio State 8-0
4. Alabama 7-1

5. Notre Dame 7-1
6. Baylor 7-0
7. Michigan State 8-0
8. TCU 8-0
9. Iowa 8-0
10. Florida 7-1
11. Stanford 7-1
12. Utah 7-1
13. Memphis 8-0
14. Oklahoma State 8-0
15. Oklahoma 7-1
16. Florida State 7-1
17. Michigan 6-2
18. Ole Miss 7-2
19. Texas A&M 6-2
20. Mississippi State 6-2
21. Northwestern 6-2
22. Temple 7-1
23. UCLA 6-2
24. Toledo 7-0
25. Houston 8-0
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Mouche337102 months
Doubledown, nobody fears Bama. They just give Bama too much credit. LSU has an almost Identical schedule as Bama. The only difference is they mirror each other. Alabama got the tough SEC teams early and we get them late. Do you really think LSU gets into the playoffs with 1 loss? Even after we beat Bama? Bama would be more likely to get into the playoffs with 2 losses than a 1 loss LSU team. That's a fact. Why? Because they are Bama. Previous accolades get them where they are, not their current body of work. That is the problem. Nobody scared of Bama. Bama should be very worried about LSU. Last year's game came down to the wire and LSU had absolutely no passing game. Now Bama has to worry about the passing game. I say LSU wins by at least 14 and LF7 hangs it up 5 minutes into the fourth so that Derius Guice can get down.
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DoubleDown103 months
Losing 1 game (like bama did) and playing 2 top 25 teams and being 1-1 is why bama is in. They showed it on the show last night. Bama's SOS is harder than ND's and Baylors which is why they got the nod to #4.

Half of you just fear Alabama and don't want to see them in the dance.

I'd advocate that a 1 loss LSU is > than a 0 loss Baylor. Why would LSU fans not advocate the same for Bama? Fear? Jealousy?
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lsuhunt555103 months
OMG...we're in!
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easy money103 months
Alabama in because people "feel" like they are the best team in the nation. They are very good, but they have played 2 top 20 teams and are 1-1. They can earn that ranking of top 4, but they don't deserve it yet. The winner of Alabama and LSU soars on the list, but how far does the loser drop? In a close game, LSU should still be top 6 or 7 with a loss. Alabama should be outside of the top 10.
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Mouche337103 months
Like I been saying, Bama is the only team that will get to dance with a loss. I hate the fact that they do human voting to decide who gets in. It will always be bias no matter what. They is a computer system in place but they don't use it. The only two teams in the top four that deserve to be there is LSU and Clemson. And Clemson don't deserve to be ahead of LSU. Yes, my LSU goggles are off. Clemson leap frogged us because they beat Notre Dame. But really, who has Notre Dame beat that makes them a strong team? Auburn, Mississippi State, both were considered contenders until LSU blasted them. Total bias, political BS. I hope LSU beat Bama by 40 so they can't justify put into the picture next week!!!!
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LSUAce007103 months
I hope ND DOES make it! I hope they're 4th and we're 1st. Cakewalk into the Championship Game.
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Mulerider103 months
Only Bama could lose at home and STILL get a mulligan. According to this pole we should be able to lose a close one at Bama and still remain in the top 4. know that would never happen. Only Bama gets the hype votes.
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tigerpawl103 months
Not this Notre Dame farce again....
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GTSwarms103 months
Alabama's schedule has been brutal while the undefeated teams schedule has been shite
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DVinBR103 months
Bama sits above 7 undefeated teams... Shame
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udtiger103 months
user avatar
aVatiger103 months
Gumps about to get the KO....

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stewie103 months
Clemson? Dabo gonna Dabo soon enough.
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Spelt it rong103 months
Well that was fast. Well done.
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