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LSU dropped seven spots to No. 9 in the latest College Football Rankings after losing to Alabama last weekend.

1. Clemson
2. Alabama
3. Ohio State
4. Notre Dame

5. Iowa
6. Baylor
7. Stanford
8. Oklahoma State
9. LSU
10. Utah
11. Florida
12. Oklahoma
13. Michigan State
14. Michigan
15. TCU
16. Florida State
17. Mississippi State
18. Northwestern
19. UCLA
20. Navy
21. Memphis
22. Temple
23. North Carolina
24. Houston
25. Wisconsin
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The media was high fiving themselves when the armchair coaches were bitching for a playoff system. The media didnt have as much control over the BCS as they wanted. And now look, everyone is bitching because people are seeing that human emotion plays into the rankings yet again.
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It's Wednesday now.
Y'all better quit crying over Bama and start worrying about Fatbert.
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Okie State getting hosed again. Out of the 1 loss teams that exists in the top 11, Alabama has the worst loss by far. Based on what they have accomplished it should look more like this:

Oklahoma State
Ohio State
Notre Dame

And that is actually being really fair to Bama still. Let's not forget, Ole Miss was winning this game 43-24. Bama made a great comeback, but the notion that they beat themselves is overblown. They got whooped. Ole Miss capitalized on those mistakes. How is Alabama the only team in the nation rewarded for playing like shit? Realistically, Bama should be ranked 6-10 somewhere.
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To tell you honestly, I'd put LSU at number 4 if we are talking neutral field who would win. Since we have to also go by losses and SOS, I'd put LSU above Stanford, Baylor, and Iowa.
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"Until they take the human equation out, it will always be bias." This is true, just like in 2011. Oklahoma State won their conference, bama doesn't even win their division, doesn't matter. Oklahoma State played more ranked teams than bama, doesn't matter. Oklahoma State had a stronger SOS than bama, doesn't matter. The only thing that mattered at the end of that season was who the media darling was, and it sure as hell wasn't Oklahoma State.
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LSU has to finish strong.. If we win the remaining games, it will be awesone. 10-1.
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Just like I said, Bama can loss again and still won't fall lower than 6. Bama is the only team that gets love from the playoff committee as well as all the sports analysis. The rest of the SEC is always looked at as overrated. LSU won't get another shot at the playoffs. The rest of the college world will see to that. Bama was the only SEC team they wanted in, and they will make sure that happens as well. Until they take the human equation out, it will always be bias.
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@Weaver - a 2 loss Bama might still be at #9.
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Horse shit
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How the hell is Stanford higher?
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I am shocked we dropped to number 9. If Bama lost no way they drop to 9. Same old crap.
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