LSU (7-2, 4-2 SEC) fell only three spots to No. 7 in the College Football Playoff rankings after last week's loss to Alabama.

1. Alabama (9-0)
2. Clemson (9-0)
3. Notre Dame (9-0)
4. Michigan (8-1)

5. Georgia (8-1)
6. Oklahoma (8-1)
7. LSU (7-2)
8. Washington State (8-1)
9. West Virginia (7-1)
10. Ohio State (8-1)
11. Kentucky (7-2)
12. UCF (8-0)
13. Syracuse (7-2)
14. NC State (6-2)
15. Florida (6-3)
16. Mississippi State (6-3)
17. Boston College (7-2)
18. Michigan State (6-3)
19. Texas (6-3)
20. Penn State (6-3)
21. Iowa (6-3)
22. Iowa State (5-3)
23. Fresno State (8-1)
24. Auburn (6-3)
25. Washington (7-3)

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dagrippa64 months
I’m kinda shocked we are still that high
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nastytaco464 months
I'll take it
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SomeLSUguy64 months
I am too... but I think it is fair. I may like this human element to the rankings... as long as it is going our way.
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Random LSU Hero64 months
Possibility there could be 3 SEC teams in the playoff. Ohio State best Michigan, OU loses in Bedlam, UGA wins out and beats Bama in the SEC Championship, and ND loses SC. LSU would have to win out in somewhat convincing fashion. What a nightmare for the SEC haters lol
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NASA_ISS_Tiger64 months
This could get interesting should the chips fall in LSU's favor. Sit back, hold on, and get some popcorn folks. An UGA loss to AU could be real interesting...not that it would happen, but in this world anything is possible.
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dustytiger12364 months
This is the respect we have been denied, now we just have to prove we can finish strong, and a few key wins/losses from other conferences will keep us in the hunt for the college second place bowl division.. aka the “other than bama league”...
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