LSU (7-2) dropped down to No. 7 in the College Football Rankings after last Saturday's loss to Alabama, staying ahead of one-loss teams: Washington State, West Virginia, and Ohio State.

Committee Chair Rob Mullens spoke with ESPN's Rece Davis after the rankings came out on Tuesday night and explained why the Tigers only dropped down to No. 7.

“Well, obviously a loss to No. 1 Alabama was seen by the committee, but LSU does have the most wins against top 25 ranked teams from this ranking this week,” Mullen said.

"They did beat Auburn, Georgia and Mississippi State. So, the committee weighed that heavily with their only losses being to Alabama and on the road to Florida. So with that strong defense, still felt they were a good team.”
Mullens starts discussing LSU's ranking at :52 seconds into the video below.

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rattlebucket68 months
You can see it in rece’s face “LSU blown out at home” against alabama. Blah blah. Dude is in the tank for bama
user avatar
wesman2168 months
Really hope Texas A&M wins their next two so they can hopefully be ranked when we play them and then we can knock them out of the top 25 and get another quality win on the resume.
user avatar
CGSC Lobotomy68 months
Careful what you wish for. Is Burrow capable of exploiting the A&M secondary? Is the LSU run defense able to contain Williams and Corbin?
user avatar
LSU Patrick68 months
Well, this is refreshing.
user avatar
Bige1168 months
Picture this: we meet bama in the champ game and flip the script, winning the second go around. Would be epic!
user avatar
Murray68 months
You have lost your goddamn mind sir.
user avatar
scottfruget68 months
Are we getting a new OC between now and then?
user avatar
TigerSpray68 months
Yes, yes, yes... we want bama, we want bama......
user avatar
HoustonGumbeauxGuy68 months
Washington state would beat us
user avatar
DeafVallyBatnR68 months
No way
user avatar
HoarseComeSunday68 months
Damn fortune teller! There' way to predict.
user avatar
BleedGurple68 months
Wow... You're an idiot
user avatar
stowns68 months
weird there's some logic being used here. always driven me crazy that teams would plummet after losing to someone ranked higher than them. like, had the rankings correct
user avatar
ALWAYSLSU7868 months
We are a DIV 1 Top 10 Team and Bama will play the Saints in the Super Bowl
user avatar
DoubleDown68 months
Saints gon' lose. :)
user avatar
tigerterrace68 months
Bama would have more 1st round picks on the field.
user avatar
SomeLSUguy68 months
Can we get into this playoff? A loss to bama in the title game gives UGA two losses, we gave them the other... How do they not put us ahead of them in that scenario. We need Michigan and Oklahoma to lose and I think both are very possible. They both have big rivalry games and such... Could we possibly get into the playoff with two loses?!?! ... And we were supposed to suck this year.
user avatar
Barbellthor68 months
As hard as I melted Saturday, if we even just got another shot to play bammer then lost but at least played a competitive game, man that would be acceptable. All I wanted thenither night. Actually beat them? Next level stuff. Payback, too.
user avatar
CaptainJ4768 months
We certainly need those ahead of us to lose but it is just as important as who they lose to. A Michigan loss to Indiana would be better than a loss to Ohio State.
user avatar
Tiger Prawn68 months
We got in with 2 losses in 2007 when it was only top 2 teams. Anything could happen...but its very unlikely. Yes, if we finish 10-2 and Georgia loses the SEC title game then we should move ahead of UGA. Then we would need Notre Dame to lose, Ohio State/Michigan winner to lose in the Big Ten championship game. West Virginia beating Oklahoma then losing to Texas in the Big 12 championship game would help too.
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