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LSU coach Brian Kelly has previously expressed support for an expanded College Football playoff, which became a reality on Thursday when the 12-team playoff was announced for the 2024 season.

During the SEC Championship press conference Thursday, coach Kelly was asked about playoff expansion.

Q. You said earlier this week how you were in favor of more teams in the Playoff. Obviously now officially today there will be a 12-team Playoff starting in 2024. Why are you in support of this? What do you think it does for LSU as you move forward?

BRIAN KELLY: I just like more access, I guess. I'm a Division II football coach. I grew up with more teams involved in the playoffs. I liked that atmosphere. I don't know that I have any kind of earth-shattering statement on it.

I just like more access. I think you get some playoff games on campus, you involve the bowl games, you keep them involved in it. I think it keeps more teams in the hunt as the season goes on in terms of vying for playoff spots. I think it's exciting for college football.

I don't think in any way it takes away from the championship, the conference championships. We'll see how that goes. That's certainly up for discussion.

Excited about the growth. I think it just keeps obviously the interest in the Playoff chase further into the season.
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Swamp Angel15 months
I have been adamantly opposed to expanding the CFP for many reasons, however, the idea of playing at home stadiums of a portion of the playoffs is a HUGE positive that may change my mind. Can you imagine a CFP playoff game in Death Valley??? I already have chills!
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SwampGar15 months
"I think it keeps more teams in the hunt as the season goes on in terms of vying for playoff spots."

This, I like this aspect of it.
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JJJimmyJimJames15 months
it is inherently unfair if 8 teams have to play one more game that teams 1-4
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cajunmud15 months
So now that off week is worth busting your azz for during the season.
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saint tiger22515 months
Never listen to anyone with that many J's in their name.
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jmaclsu15 months
Check every other sport including Hs and nfl. It’s called earning a bye
user avatar
LSU_Legz15 months
12 teams and BK can go ahead and book playoff tickets every year
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