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Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Farve was on SiriusXM NFL Radio Wednesday and offered up nothing but high praise for former LSU and current Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow.

In his second season in the NFL, Burrow has led the Bengals to a 5-2 record, passing for 1,956 yards, with 17 touchdowns and eight interceptions.

Here's what Farve had to say about him, per The Spun:

“Obviously Joe [Burrow] had a tremendous year a couple of years ago with LSU and really, aside from a few injuries he’s had, he’s played pretty much like he did that year. I mean, the guy is a heck of a quarterback” Favre said of the Bengals quarterback on SiriusXM NFL Radio Wednesday. “He’s got some weapons, and they’re only going to get better. I think he manages the game, I think his accuracy, I think his release, I think everything – he’s just a winner. I think that’s the thing that gets overlooked sometimes [when] you start talking about the intangibles the guys has. The most important things is he’s a winner.

“He finds a way to win or you’re always in the game, or have a chance to win at the end. I think the sky’s the limit for this guy.”
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eddieray28 months
At least Favre didn’t answer his own questions this time. “Do I think he’s a winner? Yea Do I think the sky’s the limit for him? Yea” lol
user avatar
62Tigerfan28 months
I don’t think the sky is the limit for Burrow. He’s going to break through the Van Allen radiation belt.
user avatar
kciDAtaE28 months
I thought the Bengals were going to ruin Joe??
user avatar
Fav Re is right on, right on. I can see him point to his ring finger in the near future.
user avatar
Micro12Tiger28 months
I agree with Farve's assessment of Burrow.
user avatar
ByUselves28 months
Well, he ain't wrong!
user avatar
Tigerbiscuits28 months
user avatar
lsufan197128 months
Burrow was Ed's Brett Favre
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