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Athlon Sports recently ranked the SEC's toughest football schedules for the 2018 season and put LSU at No. 2 behind Texas A&M. Here is a look at LSU's complete schedule and what Athlon had to say about the Tigers in 2018.

Sept. 2 vs. Miami (FL) in Dallas, TX
Sept. 8 vs. Southeastern LA
Sept. 15 at Auburn
Sept. 22 vs. Louisiana Tech
Sept. 29 vs. Ole Miss
Oct. 6 at Florida
Oct. 13 vs. Georgia
Oct. 20 vs. Mississippi St.
Nov. 3 vs. Alabama
Nov. 10 at Arkansas
Nov. 17 vs. Rice
Nov. 24 at Texas A&M

2. LSU

Non-Con: Miami (in Arlington, Texas), Southeastern Louisiana, Louisiana Tech, Rice

West Home: Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Alabama

West Road: Auburn, Arkansas, Texas A&M

Crossover: at Florida, Georgia

Ed Orgeron’s Tigers kick off their 2018 campaign in Arlington against a potential top-five Miami team. Two weeks later, they travel to The Plains for a big SEC West showdown with Auburn. The middle of the schedule doesn’t get any easier with cross-divisional games against Florida (away) and defending SEC champion Georgia (home) in back-to-back fashion. The two matchups that follow could be even tougher with Mississippi State and Alabama visiting Baton Rouge. The Tigers wrap up the regular season at hostile Kyle Field against Texas A&M. It’s a brutal slate to say the least.
What's your record prediction for LSU in 2018?

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voodooidotwo70 months
I see 9-3 to 8-5. A good year for a young team.
user avatar
Just_Fight_Baby70 months
user avatar
Just_Fight_Baby70 months
A good year for a young team, eh?
user avatar
Brazos70 months
I thought we were young last year?
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LSU-MNCBABY70 months
6-6. Losses to Miami, @auburn, @florida, Georgia, of course bama and either atm or Arky on the road.
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tigerbutt70 months
We seem to be young every year. At least that is the excuse we use.
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Datbayoubengal70 months
7-5. Miami, UF, UGA, Auburn, Bama. LSU beat one decent team in 2016 (Louisville), and one good team in 2017, Auburn. LSU had a top 10 total defense and top 5 scoring defense in 2016 yet they lost four games where the opponents scored an average of 15 points (LSU score avg 9 points). In 2017 we had a top 12 total defense and top 14 scoring defense. LSU lost 4 games where they averaged 14 points (13.75). Now with no Guice, no Fournette, no QB with any real experience (at that is the least of our problems there), running a new offense, vs a WAAAAAAAY tougher schedule, people expect us to win 9 games? Unless a miracle happens, we are looking at 4 losses before we get to Miss State, and that team is pretty loaded and has a hell of an offensive minded guy over there. I could easily see 6-6 (loss to Miss St), but don't want to be too pessimistic.
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cra_cra70 months
wrong... I think Miami Georgia is tougher than Clemson South Carolina
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Datbayoubengal70 months
I'd say tougher, but not by a lot. South Carolina won 9 games last year and Clemson lost in the playoffs.
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Loaner123170 months
5-7. As high as 7-5 as low as 4-8. We comin’ and we ain’t backing down. Geaux Tigers.
user avatar
Old70 months
ND's ain't what you'd call "A Cakewalk"
user avatar
luciouslou70 months
We're gonna whip all them bitches
user avatar
alajones70 months
6-6 regular season
user avatar
tigerMike70 months
15-0 lol
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KING NOLA70 months
Well our defense is going to be extremely better with the depth in the front seven and our secondary will be fine. DC Dave Aranda will stop teams from scoring on us and they will give the ball back to the offense. Now as the offense is concerned from what I gather from all the reports should be a run and gun pass first and run second offensive show. So from having a top 5 nationally ranked defense and a vastly improved offense LSU is going to finish the regular season 11-1 and shockingly the loss will not be to Bama it's either going to be to Florida or Georgia with the Tigers winning the SEC West and getting revenge against the team that beat them in the SEC Championship. GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!PURPLEREIGN????????
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voice of no reason70 months
8-4 losses to miami, auburn, georgia, alabama. Miami shell shock loss, auburn because it is at auburn, georgia because they are good and Bama, well because they are Bama.
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Lsuchs70 months
If we go 8-4 it could easily be winning one of those 4 and losing a different one. The season never plays out exactly how it “should.” That’s why we watch
user avatar
HubbaBubba70 months
This is the year Aggie turns it around against the Tigers. Lose to go 7-5. Maybe even 6-6.
user avatar
Swamp Angel70 months
My prediction this year is the same as it has been every year since I have been a Tiger. We go 12-0 regular season, win SECCG, and then win national championship. I never expect less, but I also never love my Tigers less.
user avatar
Meaux Bettah70 months
Triple Lindy
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