It's never too early to start thinking about Alabama vs LSU. As you'll read Crimson Tide junior RB Kenyan Drake tweeted that his TE O.J. Howard had the wrong Death Valley on his mind during geography class...
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The Tigers play the Crimson Tide in Baton Rouge Nov. 8.
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JohnZeroQ118 months
@thatdude1985... are you the one calling him stupid because he is a black guy?

I think we all knew he was joking... just jabbing at it because the off season is long. Forum so bad, yet you come here everyday. Suck on that giant whatyamacallit
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thatdude1985118 months
I think this forum as the worst group of people I've ever come guys are just a bunch of giant cock suckers. He was probably trying to be funny but I know I guys were there and you knew he wasn't joking because he's black and uneducated.
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tigerfan84119 months
I learned about Death Valley in like 4th grade
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schwartzy119 months
He'll know why it's called Death Valley this fall
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wartiger2004119 months
Figure the odds Bama has a moron on the team.
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dittohead119 months
Clemson be mad
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Old Money119 months
Who knew National Merit Scholar's played football!
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genuineLSUtiger119 months
What other Death Valley is there?
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LSU 318 LSU119 months
OJ knows whats up
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SECSolomonGrundy119 months
damn, smartass offhand comments made in geography class now becoming news stories. what a world we live in.
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Grit-Eating Shin119 months
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lsu2006119 months
What a dumbass
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bherm1988119 months
Not only hot but where Dreams go to Die.
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