Bleacher Report The Future, which tweets out many commitment videos, highlights, and hype tapes, sent out this short clip of LSU's future quarterbacks Lowell Narcisse and Myles Brennan.

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MardiGrasCajun97 months
Every time I see Brennan, I think Namath. I don't think I've seen a more confident QB headed toward LSU in a while. Looks the part. Just something about the kid. We'll see I guess.
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kpsoileau97 months
A link would be nice!
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TigahTeeth97 months
Those guys do not look like LSU QB's. And that's a wonderful thing! The future is looking bright.
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LSU_Saints_Hornets97 months
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themunch97 months
upvote for future
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Mouche33797 months
As good as LSU is gonna be this year, They'll be even better next year. I really like Lowell Narcisse, but I think Brennan is a better fit for our pro style offense. Brennan is already a 4 star, and will be a 5 star and the #1 QB in the country when it's all said and done. He's the QB that Cam has been waiting one. Our run game and defense has, and always will be stout. Brennan makes our passing game a legitimate threat that will have to be accounted for.Brennan and Cameron will make magic together. Let's just hope Les allows Cam and Aranda to do the jobs their getting paid to do.
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theBru97 months
Let's hope they both stay healthy and enrolled @ LSU...
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VesperiaLSU97 months
Didn't people say the same thing when Anthony Jennings and Hayden Rettig both signed with LSU? Haven't they figured out the simple fact that it's not QBs that limit LSU's offense, it's Miles's offensive philosophy. Nothing major is gonna change on LSU's offense unless Miles quits being stubborn and starts adapting.
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goatmilker97 months
Yea. Those LSU qb's have some record at the next level.
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therealchampion97 months
Our pro style offense? We barely have a "college style" offense. Brett Farve wouldn't have much success with LSUs current offense philosophy.
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Guava Jelly97 months
Well, now. I like that quite a bit.
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