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Following LSU's win over Alabama on Saturday, the Tigers locked in a big commitment from four-star defensive tackle Jacobian Guillory who gave his verbal pledge to Ed Oregeron Sunday morning.

Coach O was asked about the commitment and recruiting in general during his weekly press conference on Monday:

Q. What was power hour like Sunday night?
ED ORGERON: Phenomenal.

Q. Obviously you guys got a big commitment as well?

ED ORGERON: Phenomenal. And recruiting is going very well right now. Our coaching staff and our support staff has done a phenomenal job. There's a lot of guys that want to come to LSU right now, we're going to have the best players coming to LSU. Also the 2021 class there was a lot of players at that game and there will be a lot of players this week at the game, guys are coming more and more to watch us play and like what they see. It's been a great response on the phone.

Q. Going back to recruiting for a second. You talked a lot about wanting to recruit Louisiana, obviously a ton during the past, what is your strategy with developing relationships with high school programs around the state and has it gotten easier to recruit in the state since you've been here?

ED ORGERON: You know we call high school coaches every Thursday. We have a high school coaches pow wow every Thursday. We wish them good luck, I have their record in front of me, I know who they're playing, they love it. I believe we have a great, about as good a relationship with most high schools in the state since I've been here. They are all pulling for us, they all text me, they all in communication about recruiting. I talked to several coaches this morning, some of the top players.


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LSU has 3 guys constantly on all of the college football shows repping LSU in a big way. Add in segments like You Got Mossed and featuring LSU/Thad Moss. Add in all the winning/individual success. The brand is at an all time high.
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And though not an LSU guy, SVP reps LSU hard as well.
47 months
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