Check out LSU freshman Ben Simmons sinking this quarterback-style shot from the bench during pregame warmups on Tuesday.

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LSU plays Texas A&M in College Station on Tuesday night at 8pm CT. The game will be televised on ESPN.
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atltiger648797 months
"he's a natural left who can only finish w his right hand. Very strange characteristic."

I notice this too. The first few games when I saw him finish with his right hand and thought he's ambidextrous - fantastic. Then I saw that he ONLY finishes with his right hand, even when driving to his left, which makes the right-handed shot off-balance and awkward. Very odd indeed.
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rilesrick97 months
He doesn't know what hand to shoot with ,when. He's utterly confused because he's a natural left who can only finish w his righ hand. Very strange characteristic .
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wallowinit97 months
opposite-handed too
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MNCscripper97 months
Better than his jumper
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jyoung197 months
Give that man some pads
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themunch97 months
he has no shot tho
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im4LSU97 months
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