Ben Simmons, the No. 1 overall pick in the NBA Draft and former LSU forward continues to show off is extraordinary passing skills for the 76'ers in the NBA Summer league.





Here is some footage from his first game last week:

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LSULyle0069096 months
The guy is fun to watch
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Tiger Vision96 months
On the 2nd clip Simmons had a better look at the goal than the guy he passed to. The guy forced the shot and rimmed out.
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emanresu96 months
Now this is a quality post. Bravo.
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KanomieTiger96 months
If he's not the starting point guard, he's playing the wrong position.
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the LSUSaint96 months
You mean his ONLY offensive skill
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airfernando96 months
Michael Jordan, Jason Kidd, Magic Johnson were all bad to mediocre shooters when they entered the NBA and became good jump shooters well into their careers. Jordan obviously was a little better than the other two.
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TampaTiger2296 months
Rondo disagrees. And Jason Kidd still can't shoot and magic was average at best as a jump a jump shot. He seems more like Rajan Rondo. How is Rondos jump shot ?
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GorgeousGeorge96 months
He will be an all star sooner rather than later
user avatar
Ignignot96 months
what about a mid range jumper??
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DBest96 months
Need to see a jump shot period...nice passing though.
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beantown96 months
Gotta admit, those were pretty sick.
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YellaPurp96 months
76ers still wouldn't make the playoffs or NCAA Tournament
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AlabamasSalaryCap96 months
Can't wait to see this board's transition from hate/indifference/spite towards Ben to admiration/pride in about a year or two.
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Ignignot96 months
he's a different case, i don't think the love will be there for him, it will turn from spite to just apathy
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justustm296 months
Exactly! These same numbskulls will be praising the ground he walks on if he develops into one of the all time greats. Then they will be shouting he is an LSU Tiger and claiming they knew all along. Haters have small minds and small wieners.
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burdman96 months
2nd to last video where he's bringing it up in transition, pretty impressive.
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lsugerberbaby96 months
Dude doesn't even look like the same player he was in college. I don't see how people can put this on JJ. Those skills can't be taught...polished, yes. But this footage is reminiscent of before he came to LSU, when he was dominating players. Dude was holding back at LSU. This being said, I've only seen this footage since he's been in the Summer League, and not looked at stats or other highlights.
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wilceaux96 months
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