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CL810080 months
i thought cpm wanted to give his players a chance to win game1 of cws? sure didnt look like it when he didnt pull russel reynalds out after 3rd inning, dont think he has ever done more than 2 innings of work in a game. those 3 first innings were plenty of him to ask for, why was bush put in start of 4th inning or after 2 ppl got on base then put in bush, then again a second and third chance, kramer got caught stealing bases a couple times, got to time that better, and josh smith trying to get a double base hit in 8th inning when deichman scored. could have possibly tied it up there. pls cpm act like you know what you doing, dont play dumb. im sure cpm knows how to coach, sure wish he would act like it
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TigerSpray80 months
Can the Golden Band from Tiger Land geaux? At least half? Bring on the Golden Girls!!!! Let's do this right ya'll......
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BigDropper80 months
& then hits two HRs from opposite sides of the plate!
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Barbellthor80 months
Let us sing you the song of our people.
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Lsu10120580 months
It doesn't matter what is going on. This song will always put me in a good mood.
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