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Arch Manning's recruitment process has been one that has a lot of programs and fans awaiting with bated breath. At an event in Birmingham on Monday, his grandfather Archie Manning discussed that process for his grandson...

We’re proud of Arch. It really doesn’t mean anything to me for him to be the No. 1 recruit in the nation. I think that puts a lot of added pressure. The recruiting world has changed and college football has changed a lot. But we’re proud of Arch.

The best thing for me, as grandpa, is I stay out of it. I have a really good grandfather-grandson relationship. His dad, Cooper, has done a good job during this crazy recruiting. It’s really changed. I’m proud of what they’ve done.

When Peyton, Eli and Cooper went through it, it really didn’t turn up until the spring before their senior year. They might have been getting letters, but with Arch, it started in the seventh grade. ... I’m not that fond of that but that’s just the way it is.

I know Arch, he wants to go where he’s going to be happy as a student, too. I always told my kids that. Pick a place where if football doesn’t work out, where are you going to be happy going to school? I think every young person deserves to have a good college experience.
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Partha22 months
Will Arch go to Bama? Saban will teach him to throw pick-6s during critical 3rd and 10 plays just like that overrated BUST Bryce...fake heisman winner! 33-18, suck on it BAMA!
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BobABooey22 months
Archie ruined the Saints. He was a super likable, aw shucks kind of guy but never had the competitive spirit to elevate his teammates. Archie conditioned the team and the city that losing is okay as long as you take the loss like a nice guy. I don’t know where Peyton learned to throw teammates and coaches under the bus for his screwups but it sure wasn’t from Archie. The Saints were not good for many years and Archie was the one constant throughout. The only reason I like to hear his raspy bumpkin voice now is that it means there’s probably a commercial with Halle Cleopatra on.
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tucoco22 months
Archie was just an average Q to me, he wasn't as talented as his sons imo. They both could throw the ball, but Archie had that weird, flimsy side-armed delivery of throwing a football. I mean, yes, I could be wrong because he had some serious injuries in college at Ole Miss I think that played a role in diminishing his skills. I know he was definitely a better runner with the football than his stiff-legged sons, Arch could run with the ball. But he was plagued with some terrible New Orleans Aints teams. Lol But I remember that 1 Aints team he had with an incredible amount of talent on offense. With the RBs being Chuck Muncie and Tony Galbreath, WRs Wes Chandler and Ike Harris, and TE Henry Childs. SMH Just unbelievable talent, and all he could do with that team was finish 8-8 for the season. Oh well, I'm not gonna try to sound like I'm being a pessimist about the guy, but... Arch Manning though is the real deal, can throw it and run with it. He may be the most talented out of all the Mannings!
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Sid in Lakeshore22 months
WTF is this bullshite? Archie ruined the Saints? Try John Mecom ruined the Saints until Tom Benson resurrected them.
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Trojans5622 months
He’s a wise man. Always respected Archie.
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