High School Baseball Player Steals Home, Batter Still Swings
© Peter G. Aiken
I think one of these dudes got the wrong signal...

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Eltegray42 months
That hitter was locked in.
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tigahland42 months
Looks more like little league than high school
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ncinthenext342 months
Fortunately that wasn't a car he was driving through that stop sign.
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lsusteve142 months
An "agressive" Hit & Run Not a straight steal home IMO
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TheRouxGuru43 months
Shame on any adult who had a hand in baseball being played on that field
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PurpleKnight8843 months
I've never seen a high school baseball game played on an all dirt infield. Must be JV team. Those kids look extremely small for HS.
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TigerDM43 months
Technically that wasn't a steal of home, it was a hit a run
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TFH42 months
Looked more like a run and hit
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Bige1143 months
So is that legal? Serious question I’m not a baseball guy. Seems really dangerous.
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9Fiddy43 months
It’s legal, but obviously really dangerous. They got lucky the round object hit was the ball and not the runner’s head. One of the two guys missed a sign.
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