Good luck not choking up during this one. Per NESN...

"Master Sergeant Joseph Martel returned early from a tour of Afghanistan in September, something his wife was aware of but his son, Justin, was not. Justin’s football team was playing a game in Brussels, Belgium, and Joseph came up with the idea to disguise himself as a player for the opposing team. Joseph watched his son from the sideline until the referees called a meeting at midfield — under the guise of reviewing safety protocol — during which Joseph revealed himself, and the two enjoyed a tearful and heartwarming reunion."

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mcpotiger122 months
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QJenk122 months
Amazing special moment. Great job on the opposing teams staff and the referees to help make this happen. This is a moment that this kid will forever remember and cherish.
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Thracken13122 months
amazing video
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Woverw122 months
The best . . .
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LSU 318 LSU122 months
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rutiger122 months
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PurpleGoldTiger122 months
That's a very special moment. Good one, Larry.
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