Nothing like training for months, if not all year, for that first marathon or to beat your record time when a freight train shuts down the race for a few minutes. That's what happen to the folks running in the Lehigh Valley Health Network Via Marathon in Pennsylvania. A Norfolk Southern Freight Train made runners stop for a few minutes and some even jumped through the gaps in the train...

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Thorny91 months
As the video explained, it could have affected their Boston Marathon qualifying time. Running in Boston is a big motivation for many runners to keep improving after they run their first marathon. I would be pissed if I missed Boston because of this train. Well, I would if I ran.
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saint amant steve91 months
Anyone willing to risk their life by jumping between the cars just to hit a desired time really needs to get their priorities in check.
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chinhoyang91 months
I was on the seventh car.
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PoppaD91 months
Marathoners are douche bags, half of these folks are probably upset they won't be able to set their personal records now and the other half doesn't care as long if they get thier 26.2 sticker to put on their Honda.
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SG_Geaux91 months
I think you meant Prius
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Hester Carries91 months
That train would not have slowed me down. Id be way back. Tortoise and the hare. Learn your lesson over achievers.
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NYCAuburn91 months
If I wanted to win, I'd hop on the train and off the other side. its moving slow enough
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