Pitt football coach Todd Graham is leaving to become the head coach at Arizona State after only one season. Players were informed about this in a statement from Graham that was sent via text by assistant AD/football operations Blair Philbrick...

"I have resigned my position at Pitt in the best interest of my family to pursue the head coaching position at Arizona State," Graham said. "Coaching there has always been a dream of ours and we have family there. The timing of the circumstances have prohibited from telling you this directly. I now am on my way to Tempe to continue those discussions. God Bless. Coach Graham."
Graham sounds like he'd perfect for Bobby Petrino's staff
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slogolf147 months
Good fit they both desevre each other!!!!
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mcpotiger147 months
What a total turd. no leadership there. Merry Christmas ASU, hope you have a heaping helping of fail with this DB. turrible
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LSUnowhas2147 months
Sounds like ASU and Pitt are made for each other after what ASU did to June Jones.
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Kong147 months
Congratulations ASU! What a classy hire!
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CajunSoldier225147 months
D Bag ... Merry Christas Pitt.
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JTrain147 months
Nice, stand up guy
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mikeytig147 months
No p;ans to meet with the team???
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lsu480147 months
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