One of our favorite reporters, Kacie McDonnell, is leaving NESN.
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One of our favorite reporters, Kacie McDonnell, is leaving NESN. Per

NESN’s Kacie McDonnell is moving on. The anchor’s contract expires next month and she’s decided to explore new opportunities, she confirmed to in a brief phone call Tuesday.

“I’m not sure what’s next for me,” she said. “I’m taking a breath.”

McDonnell added she plans to spend time this summer catching up with friends and family in Pennslyvania, where she is from.

NESN declined comment, citing company policy about speaking on internal matters.

McDonnell, 29, joined the regional sports network in August 2016.
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user avatar
VoxDawg55 months
She's apparently chased all the cleats available in her market.
user avatar
Buckeye Jeaux55 months
Something tells me Miss Kacie gonna be just fine!
user avatar
Smalls55 months
She gone.
user avatar
El Campo Tiger55 months
She sells her panties on
user avatar
weptiger55 months
That’s a hard 29 appearing age like leather.
user avatar
Hangit55 months
They decided not to renew her contract because she is always on vacation. They figured why pay her when nobody is sure what she does anyway.
user avatar
chinhoyang55 months
Hopefully, a horse dentist will pay her a visit.
user avatar
JackieTreehorn55 months
Perhaps they needed someone who actually works.
user avatar
Black n Gold55 months
Sounds more like NESN left her.
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