NFL wide receiver Randy Moss has a daughter Sydney Moss who can hoop and has verbally committed to the University of Florida to play basketball for the 2012 season. Sydney is a 5-foot-11 power forward but supposedly can play point guard as well. As a sophomore she averaged 22.6 points and 10.8 rebounds for Boone County in Kentucky. She looks like she could be a force, actually. Hopefully, her team attitude isn't like her daddy's.
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LSUballs154 months
Apparently they'll sell you Budlight at high school games in Kentucky. That's cool.
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Hammond Tiger Fan154 months
Is she adopted b/c I don't see Randy Moss anywhere in her :lol:
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c on z154 months
Her eyes almost looks like her father's. :dunno:
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Chad504boy154 months

Her eyes almost looks like her father's.

not at all.
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