Nothing shows your family and faculty that you're ready for the real world more than executing the "Stone Cold Stunner" wrestling move on stage with your buddy at your University of Miami graduation…


For reference...

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Mud_Till_May109 months
The stone cold stunner sends you strait to hell.
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Palmetto08109 months
Screw both of those guys. This is worse than the obnoxious parents who hoot and holler when their child's name is called.
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lsunutz109 months
Not hard at all to believe. Watch a marine do a neck chop on another and it knocks them out cold. Barely even hims him. That is a quick and sudden jolt forward on the neck with a jarring "bang". It is fake of course but believable for entertainment.
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czarcasm76109 months
Sign that boy up!
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vodkacop109 months
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TwoDatBait109 months
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VanCleef109 months
The rock always had a hilarious reaction to the stunner.
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PolyPusher86109 months
Let me let you in on a secret, it's fake.
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hi2ulol109 months
The stone cold stunner may be the most stupid finishing move in wrestling history. Honestly, how the frick is that supposed to "stun" you?
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