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I guess Mark Zuckerberg's Little League "career" is worth a lot of money to some folks. The Facebook honcho's autographed Little League card from back in the day hauled in $120,750 in a fierce, five-day long auction...

The folks at started the bidding at $1 ... so the final sale price shows there was a ton of interest in the card.

The anonymous buyer told the auction house the Zuckerberg card would join a collection already featuring rookie cards for MLB legends Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle, plus an Action Comics #1 ... summing up Zuck as "the Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle and Superman of social media rolled up into one."

The signed card -- which is from 1992 -- was also sold as an NFT, and that went for $1,345.
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Rex Feral17 months
I don't believe any of those stats.
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SuperOcean17 months
Question is... Did zuck spend more on dinner than he did on his own card?
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ZZTIGERS17 months
.920 BA, there are definitely some MLB teams that could use his bat, especially going into the playoffs. Make the call.
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Mark dictates the culture of the left.
user avatar
CoyoteSong17 months
He is a nerd.
user avatar
cajunmud17 months
Commie bastard.
user avatar
TaderSalad17 months
But why? FB is a shite platform
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