This fan showed off her Miami pride at the Independence Bowl in Shreveport on Saturday night...
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Those will age nicely, I'm sure.
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cokebottleag110 months
Marlins is over her taco.
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tkr1407110 months
Check out how tight that waste band is. Jeez. Bulges on top and bottom
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TigerFanatic99110 months
I'll bet she is saucy. IWHI
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GeauxTGRZ110 months
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Rebel Land Shark110 months
Those jelly rolls
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Klark Kent110 months
finally....a Miami fan that isn't a bandwagon fan
aka : the anti - c on z
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Porter Osborne Jr110 months
Is that you holding her waist on the other side, Leo?
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LSULyle00690110 months
What about the hockey team? I have no idea what their name is but I'm pretty sure they have one
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SaintsSBXLIV110 months
No love for the Marlins?
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