ESPN's Chris Berman is known to be an ornery man, unless you're a pretty lady. Here's a fan trying to get a quick shot with him at last Tuesday night's game...
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The guys at Busted Coverage asked the fan how it all went down....

I said "hey man, I watched you as a kid going up, can I get a pic with you?"

Hey then said "yeah, make it quick let's go"

So I put it on "video mode" instead and did the tagline

He said "yeah, now get the hell outta here!"

No hot chick beside him that I remember
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Drizzt108 months
You made a ton of money for doing nothing. Take a couple of freakin pictures with people dick.
user avatar
RummelTiger108 months
Dude was being a douche - don't blame Berman...for once.
user avatar
NYCAuburn108 months
surprised how shitty of seats he had
user avatar
CollegeFBRules108 months
People don't realize how fricking annoying they are. I don't blame Berman at all.
user avatar
Jack Daniel108 months
He should be pissed at his hairstylist for making him look like the joker at the HR derby.
user avatar
wildtigercat93108 months
Sounds like he's just as tired of that puke of a line as everyone else in the country
user avatar
MC5601108 months
Seems like a dick move but if I got hounded every time I was in public I would probably be the same way after a while.
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