On Saturday morning, Jackson State head coach Deion Sanders got emotional addressing his team before a game for the final time...
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Texas Ram15 months
Snake oil salesman
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hg15 months
And the Oscar goes to…
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He lost. Can’t even win with much better players.
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Thacian15 months
It worked. Kids fired up. Fake don't matter
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Gus Tinsley15 months
Then call Colorado and tell them it was a mistake!!!
Fake junk....
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thermal922115 months
That’s some fake arse shite.
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Hurricane Mike15 months
I'll give him credit, he does a good Ray Lewis fake emotion impression
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UncleLester15 months
Do we get the same emotion from him if no cameras were there?

It all seems a little too fabricated for me.
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yeah, laying it on a little too thick, in my personal opinion
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