Check out competitive eater Nela Zisser try to take down 100 cheeseburgers. Per her YouTube page...


Last week I decided to take on the biggest challenge I've ever done... 100 Cheeseburgers! I was able to finish 45 out of the 100 burgers which ending up taking me just under 2 hours. It felt like a long time and I didn't feel great afterwards, I don't know how Yuka ate 62 burgers but I'm amazed at her achievement!
I mean she didn't even get halfway through and what's with the no time limit?
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AlbertMeansWell103 months
She is more talented than you, Larry.
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Jack Daniel103 months
So basically I just watched a video of a girl eating cheeseburgers. Great work Larry.
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CaptainJ47103 months
Hope she has a plunger in that house
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Corch Urban Myers103 months
I'm guessing no anal for a few days.
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Meat Newtons103 months
I'm very confused after watching this. I don't know if I want to bang a boney chick or eat a cheeseburger.
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LSUvet72103 months
Nela is a huge stomach with pencil neck and arms
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