A Tennessee high school football player, Malcolm Easley, has been suspended indefinitely after colliding with ref, Kyle Gill, on this play...

Here's what the ref had to say...

“I had spoken to the player on the play before and he told me that I was in his way,” Gill said. “I asked him how long he’d been playing football and he had to realize that the referees are part of the field. I told him that he should have to avoid me and not the other way around. On the very next play, you saw what happened.”

Gill’s comments are in line with what a source on the field told The Gallatin News Tuesday morning about the fact that Easley was warned.

That source said Easley was told by the umpire earlier in the contest that he was “getting way too close” to the referees. On the play before the disputed play, Easley can be seen putting his hands on the back of the official.
You can read more here.
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heypaul104 months
When they penalizing the team and entire coaching staff for things like this, I bet it stops!
And by penalizing I mean forfeiting the game and giving the other team an automatic Win.
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Bleeding purple104 months
While not as potentially harmful to the ref as hitting with the helmet like the two other fellas this was clearly calculated. The player and the ref both appear to be white so I doubt the racial slur comment will be used. Certainly refs can intentionally or absent mindedly put themselves in a position that blocks a players assignment. When it is rare it is clearly not a problem. When there is pattern, it can develop into a problem. A problem that should be dealt with through the HC and head official. A collision at the point of impact is sometimes excusable but this was planned.

FWIW, I have collided with a ref that was intentionally positioning himself between the LB and DL. I had missed my blocking assignment due to the ref effectively picking me 3 plays in a row. After the second play I, like this player, asked the ref to move behind the LB where they normally position. On the 3rd time I ran straight at the LB but pulled up just in time to not hit the ref head on. On the 4th play I blocked the LB. The ref just happened to be in between us. I should have gone through my HC. The head official penalized me with a PF and instructed the ref to stand behind the LB's.
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pellietigersaint104 months
Hester Carries - I could argue you are an idiot.

watch pre-snap. he calculates this. he looks at this depth relative the referees. he heads straight for him post snap. Dont be an argumentative asswipe........because that's what you sound like
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Hester Carries104 months
Honestly, i could argue that he was taking a direct line to the ball.
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jag211104 months
But he used racial slurs!!!! It's not my fault
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