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Over the weekend, 21 marathoners died when they got caught in a freezing storm that appeared out of nowhere during a 62-mile, ultra-marathon race in China, known as the Huanghe Shilin Mountain Marathon.

Most of the 172 runners had anticipated normal weather conditions and showed up to the race in shorts and t-shirts, typical running garb.

But, things took a sudden turn just after noon around the Yellow River Stone Forest -- when a freezing cold storm moved in, punishing the runners with a barrage of hailstones, rain and icy winds.

Some of the athletes reportedly recognized the deadly conditions and tried to seek shelter ... others apparently tried to push through it (remember, these athletes are some of the toughest people in the world).

According to reports, some of the runners began experiencing hypothermia -- and eventually, the organizers pulled the plug on the race.

Realizing the situation was turning deadly, a 1,200 person search party was dispatched to locate and rescue all of the athletes. Officials also used thermal-imaging drones to find the participants ... but it proved to be too late.

In total, 21 runners died from the weather. At least 8 more were hospitalized.
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Cajunboy4633 months
Damn global warming boy I tell ya we are doomed
user avatar
how33333 months
But were they wearing masks?
user avatar
drexyl33 months
Still easier than the Barkley Marathon
user avatar
VoxDawg33 months
That's 20 more people who were murdered in DC on Jan. 6. Will the CCP call this the worst event in their history since the Rape of Nanking?
user avatar
saints502133 months
this is why I chose not to run...gotta look out for my health
user avatar
Lowes knowsLSU33 months
Right, totally agree with ya. Go swim with tiger shark and great white sharks. We on the same page comprende? And I plan to go run in the park while you swim with the large fishies
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TFH33 months
Temperatures dipped to 43 degrees.
user avatar
atltiger648733 months
shouldn't they have some personnel every few miles with some medical equipment and transportation, and also track the runners at checkpoints to make sure they didn't collapse? Particularly in the latter portion of the race.
user avatar
BigDawg042033 months
It's China.
user avatar
DoubleDown33 months
Jesus - when ultra marathons are a little too "ultra".
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