The story of former New England Patriots and Florida Gators TE Aaron Hernandez is set to be the focal point for a new "American Sports Story" anthology series on FOX. Arnold Schwarzenegger's son is set to play the role of legendary Gators quarterback Tim Tebow...
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biglego4 months
Of all the fascinating figures in history, we get a series about goddamn Aaron Hernandez.
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ALhunter4 months
It's funny Arnold's kid that fell closest to the tree is the illegitimate one. Joseph Baena.
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BabyTac4 months
How many stories and docs are they going to make about Hernandez? It’s not that captivating.
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tiggerthetooth4 months
Good opportunity to do a gay prison sex scene.
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crimson crazy4 months
Is he going celibate?
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Sterling Archer4 months
He'll need to to hit the juice hard
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