Well, It Looks Like Floyd Mayweather And Logan Paul Will Reportedly Fight On June 5th
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports
Originally scheduled for Feb. 20, Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul will now reportedly fight in an exhibition bout on June 5th on Showtime. No location for the fight has been released and The Athletic is reporting that Mayweather can’t weigh more than 160 pounds for the fight, while Paul cannot weigh more than 190...

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Anybody dumb enough to buy this? Doubtful. I hate Mayweather but he will make that YouTube losers face look like mince meat by the time that fight is over.
Reply13 days
Money grab. I feel sorry for the suckers who waste their money on this.
Reply15 days
And Paul is a genius. He's built up enough frustration with the masses that he'll make $100M or so to fight a 44 year old fighter. If he loses, well that's exactly what's supposed to happen. If he wins, well he's a whole lot more rich.
Reply16 days
You're a complete dumbass if you pay $1 to watch this nonsense. Why the frick are you all so entertained by complete bullshite?
Reply16 days
Is May going go easy on him?
16 days
Why do give a shite about what somebody else does with their money, time, and choice of entertainment?
16 days
Cue in the tard who said "why doesn't Paul fight any real boxers?"
Reply16 days
Wrong Paul brother
16 days
RuPaul?? I know, why did I have to drag himher into it.
16 days
Floyd will back out.
Reply16 days
Will this be another 12 or 15 round snoozer?
Reply16 days
judging by the money, no one loses, needless to say i don't care and wont watch
Reply16 days
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