Watch UFC Fighter Max Rohskopf Ask His Corner To Call Fight 9 Times Inbetween Rounds
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Check out UFC fighter Max Rohskop beg his corner to call the fight 9 times before the fight was called off between rounds...
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mametoo44 months
I don't have a problem with it. His corner tried to get him past what they thought was a moment of doubt, but once they realized what the fighter was dealing with they stopped the fight. That is what his team is supposed to do.
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rondo44 months
MMA once again proving to be trashy AF
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Seeker44 months
If a fighter asks his corner to stop a fight, you stop the damn fight.
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Bamafan2444 months
I don't know if I ever seen a fighter ask to stop a fight like that.
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SulphursFinest44 months
They did call it....
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Obtuse144 months
@Sulpher His corner did NOT call the fight. Kid took a short notice fight as his debut, came in as a submission specialist which turned out to be harder than he expected. He was down two rounds already and doesn't have the power to drop am opponent so I get it. Probably doesn't have what it takes for the UFC so better to get out then and not get beat up for 5 more minutes.
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