It only took Eric Daigneault 20 seconds to knock out Jonas Rubiano and head back to the locker room with the win at TKO37...

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lsu48087 months
That is a hell of a ref right there, save KO'ed dude from getting a bomb dropped on him while KO'ed because of his super reaction time
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Number 3187 months
Damn, usually only the female MMA fighters actually hit each other.
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biglego87 months
Jesus that was a vicious right
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BobABooey87 months
Serious MMA question: Can you kick someone who is down? I've seen guys straddle a guy who has been knocked down and is mostly defenseless and wail away on their head with their fists and I've also seen guys use knee strikes when they are tied up on the ground. So can you kick a fighter when they have been knocked down and you are still standing?
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Sleeping Tiger87 months
You can kick and knee to the body, not head, of a downed opponent. Stomping is illegal anywhere on the body.
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Babboo87 months
Nothing special. This happens to me every Monday when I show up to the office.
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