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YouTuber-turned-fighter, Jake Paul, wants in on the Will Smith vs. Chris Rock feud and is offering both actors $15 million to take their beef to the boxing ring...

Shortly after the slap heard around the world went down at the Oscars, "Impractical Jokers" star Sal Vulcano joked about how much the Most Valuable Promotions founder would cough up to get both legends in the ring for an epic event for the ages.

The 25-year-old fighter -- who previously offered Pete Davidson and Kanye West $30 milli each to face off in the ring -- delivered on his new proposition late Sunday night ... claiming he already has $30 million set aside for a Smith vs. Rock bout.

"I got $15m for Will Smith and $15m for Chris Rock ready to go," Paul tweeted ... adding he already has a date in mind.

"Let’s do it in August on my undercard."
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Bulldogblitz28 months
as chris used to say "good lawd that's a lot of money"
user avatar
oleheat28 months
user avatar
eddieray28 months
No one wants to see Chris Rock fight anyone Jake. Keep your 30 million and go away
user avatar
UAinSOUTHAL28 months
"Let’s do it in August on my undercard." Hahahah considering the guy Jada cheated on will with is named August. This is fricking hilarious.
user avatar
Sisselpud8128 months
Lil bitch is making a mockery of the sport. Wish he'd jump in the ring with an actual boxer and get kno ked the F out and then dissapear
user avatar
TigerLord202028 months
He would knock your arse out!
user avatar
pioneerbasketball28 months
This is how wrestling started
user avatar
jbird728 months
I got a better idea. How about Jake Paul keeps his $30m and just goes away
user avatar
DVinBR28 months
this needs to stop and people need to stop paying attention to anything this dude puts out on his social media
user avatar
DoubleDown28 months
That wouldn't be entertaining. I think Will Smith was wrong but he'd beat up Chris Rock. Chris isn't a macho kinda guy and is a pure comedian.
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