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As if we needed more evidence of Jake Paul's intelligence, he just bought a new, fancy car and then immediately broke the dang thing...

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jp4lsu13 months
Tavarish (youtube) channel had a wrecked McLaren, repaired, and then he blew the motor under acceleration. Parts flew out of hte side of the block.
I can't stomach watching rich idiots show off what they have and they are as stupid as they can be. No appreciation for what they have
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cajunmud13 months
I ain't watching 15 mins of this squirrel.
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JackieTreehorn13 months
Dumb frick called the ESP the escape system. He should be sterilized.
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Craw Dawg13 months
@WhistlinDiesel been there done that...
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DVinBR13 months
stop giving this dude attention for the love of fricking god
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CatsGoneWild13 months
I have zero idea who this dude is
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Outdoorreb13 months
I call Bull Shite. You might not like him, but you have heard his name before. Unless, you have been on the moon for the past few years.
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CanebreakCajun13 months
Top 3 douchebag globally. That's saying something.
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Parrish_Dawg13 months
How does one "break" a car? It's not a vase.
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HeadSlash13 months
Who is this douchebag?
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AtlantaLSUfan13 months
Was a YouTube vlogger. Now just a fake celebrity.
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ELLSSUU13 months
A) for a $400K car it’s kind of plain looking.
B) I had to Google search who this guy is.
C) I’m way pro free market but damn some people make a lot more scratch than they truly should
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Tiger in Texas13 months
Dumb...Getting big $$$$ does not improve someone's intelligence! Case in point, I give you exhibit A, or should I say JP?
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TooFyeToFly13 months
frick this guy
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coolieaux13 months
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