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Adrian Peterson at age 32 vs the top 15 rushers of all time

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by ghost2most
ghost2most529/18 4:16 pm
Sid in Lakeshore

AP says he did not sign up for 9 snaps, however

by Fat Bastard
Fat Bastard 179/18 3:44 pm
Sid in Lakeshore

Any news on Hendrickson?

by Neauxla
Neauxla 79/18 3:43 pm

Spread it out, no huddle, track meet.

by WhoGeaux
WhoGeaux 89/18 2:53 pm
Mr. Hangover

With SP's contract, our only hope is that someone is willing to take him from us

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by Fun Bunch
Fun Bunch 379/18 2:50 pm

Please stop the Drew Brees bashing!

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by Rohan Gravy
Rohan Gravy 249/18 2:41 pm

Paper Bag Time ?

by burke985
burke985 159/18 1:16 pm

Payton vs Belichek

by LaTexSaint
LaTexSaint 89/18 1:04 pm

Dream offseason: all out raiding the Patriots for HC, GM, QB

by Fun Bunch
Fun Bunch 109/18 12:47 pm
p0st malone

Black on black on Sunday

by sicboy
sicboy 179/18 12:35 pm
Rohan Gravy

Today was a first for me

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by Bayou
Bayou 399/18 11:31 am

You dang sure you want change at HC?

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by Chad504boy
Chad504boy 319/18 11:28 am
Spelt it rong

Absolute star of yesterday's game was

by Rougarou4lsu
Rougarou4lsu 09/18 10:37 am

Brees will move to 4-1* against TB12

by breauxmosexual
breauxmosexual79/18 10:33 am

It has to be the defensive scheme right?

by maxxrajun70
maxxrajun70 189/18 10:24 am

Rumor that Vaccaro is on the trade block

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by LSUZombie
LSUZombie 689/18 10:16 am

Who out there is actually better than Sean?

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by Duzz
Duzz 209/18 10:13 am

#1 draft pick -- Saints

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by Supermoto Tiger
Supermoto Tiger 429/18 10:09 am

Kamara has zero football IQ

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by Mie2cents
Mie2cents 219/18 10:01 am
Mr. Hangover

Keep Payton

by VA LSU fan
VA LSU fan 159/18 9:21 am

We haven't won in September

by 3deadtrolls
3deadtrolls 49/18 9:03 am

Brees' "No Trade Clause"

by rubberneck
rubberneck 19/18 9:01 am
Tiger Prawn

I'm just so tired of this...

by knowingabyss
knowingabyss 39/18 8:58 am

For all you fans holding on to the Super Bowl 8 years ago

by Louisianabound88
Louisianabound88 169/18 8:31 am
Thib-a-doe Tiger

It's time to admit the defense is a cultural issue.

by Muriel
Muriel 109/18 7:51 am
Mr. Hangover
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