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How many skill players do we call prima donnas?

by hashtag
hashtag 43/11 8:21 am
Rand AlThor

Michael Lombardi: Saints to decide Cooks' fate by late Friday

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by oncealurker
oncealurker 243/11 7:47 am

Fire Loomis

LSULEFTY 73/11 7:34 am

Saints FO playing 3D Intergalactic chess, will get Fournette with the 32 pick.

by ruzil
ruzil 123/11 6:25 am
Dead End

Cam Jordan's take on the Cooks trade

by Let Me Take A Selfie
Let Me Take A Selfie 173/11 6:17 am

Was Cooks traded because he was disgruntled

by tigersbb
tigersbb53/11 2:34 am

anybody notice Snead ignoring his tendered contract? whats that about?

by keakar
keakar13/11 2:17 am

Brandin Cooks is not worth a first round pick

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by fightingtigers98
fightingtigers98 343/11 2:02 am
WicKed WayZ

Cooks trade means what for cap?

by Tigeralltheway
Tigeralltheway 43/11 1:45 am

Free Agents News/Rumors?

by ST3PH3N
ST3PH3N 03/11 12:52 am

We gotta have the worst front office in league

by burke985
burke985 73/11 12:47 am

Saints draft selections as it stands right now

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by L.A.
L.A. 203/11 12:12 am

Mark Ingram Tweets That Donta Hightower had meet sched with Saints but cancelled

by yellowhammer2098
yellowhammer2098 113/10 11:52 pm

Barnwell grades the trade B+ for saints, B for pats

by el duderino III
el duderino III 113/10 11:43 pm
Rand AlThor

So why didn't we take 18 from the titans?

by TigahJay
TigahJay 183/10 11:27 pm
Northshore Saint

Time to rate the 2014 draft class

(Page 1 2)
by WB504
WB504 233/10 11:24 pm

This was such a "Saints Move" its disgusting

by Section225
Section225 153/10 11:16 pm

Tommy Lee Lewis

by PokerChamp21
PokerChamp21 73/10 10:42 pm

First 5 picks

by tibebecolston
tibebecolston113/10 10:39 pm

So we praise the front office yesterday

by LSUZombie
LSUZombie 83/10 10:08 pm

Disappointing trade

by hellsu
hellsu 73/10 9:49 pm

Package 11th and 32nd for number 1 overall

by Ghostchaser
Ghostchaser163/10 9:48 pm

Calm down! We got less for Graham

by xraytech
xraytech 83/10 9:39 pm
moock blackjack

Does rouses still run their cooks' commercial?

by arseinclarse
arseinclarse 23/10 9:38 pm
moock blackjack

I'm Okay With It

by DeathValley85
DeathValley85 153/10 9:38 pm
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